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Search My WayMake your own Google homepage with your own name. You can make a customized homepage with an awesome theme and personalize it by adding your name or message as the logo.

We have hundreds of great themes to choose from, ranging from Aircraft to TV Shows.

You can create your homepage in a few easy steps :-

  1. Browse our Google themes and find one you love.
  2. Enter your name or a message that you'd like as your homepage logo.
  3. Save it as your homepage.
  4. Start search in style!

Thousands of people have already created their customzied homepage so what are you waiting for?

Get started now by clicking the button below.

Search My Way is a great free service where you can personalize your Google search homepage. You can make your own customized Google homepage with an awesome theme and add a personalized logo with your name or message. Search My Way is powered by Google so not only can you get an awesome, personalized homepage but your search results will be provided the world largest and most popular search engine.

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